Whiteline GT86/BRZ Rear Sway Bar

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Engineered to ‘Activate More Grip’, sway bars are principally designed to reduce body roll or sway.
By reducing body roll, lateral loads are spread more evenly across the tyres thereby increasing cornering grip and improving outright performance.
This Whiteline 16mm [18mm for BSR53XZ] 3 point adjustable sway bar = more grip = better handling = outright performance –
it’s the best dollar for dollar handling improvement you can make to your vehicle.
In fact, benefits extend to improvements in handling, safety and tyre wear without affecting ride quality or comfort.


✓ Whiteline sway bars are principally designed to reduce body roll or sway while cornering.
✓ Larger diameter sway bars offer a higher torsional resistance which in turn increases overall roll stiffness.
✓ Take control with multi-point adjustment that allow the driver to fine tune vehicle characteristics to suit their driving preference or conditions.
✓ Whiteline sway bar mounts utilise the latest technology synthetic elastomer combined with effective designs such as the internal bore knurling and grease retention lips for optimum lubrication & performance.

✓ Forged ends ensure maximum strength and performance of the sway bar at the sway bar link mounting point.

✓ DIY Lateral locks prevent shifting or sideways movement of the sway bar under lateral (cornering) loads.

Kits Required: 1

Warranty: 3 Year / 60,000Kms

Kit Contents:   1 Sway Bar, 2 Bushings, 2 Lateral Locks, Install Guide

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Sway Bar Variant

BSR53Z (16mm thick), BSR53XZ (18mm thick)