NV Cleanse Interior Cleaner


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NV Cleanse Interior Cleaner
A water-based, highly effective leather cleaner that has been specifically designed to clean, and hydrate automotive leather surfaces.

NV CLEANSE is a gentle yet highly effective leather cleaner designed for all types of automotive leather surfaces.

It is a water based formula that can be used on pigmented and non-pigmented leather.
It has been designed to use in a foaming bottle that creates a thick foam over the leather,
which will gently seep into the pores of top leather surfaces and pull out any impurities.
CLEANSE does not require the use of a brush to ensure best results, however the use of a brush can speed up the process.

This product not only cleans the leather, but all the water based detergents will hydrate the leather keeping it flexible and healthy,
providing enough moisture internally before a top coating is applied.


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375ml, 1L