Drive CJ Lancer Dash Mat Set

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CJ Lancer Dash Mat & Parcel Shelf Mat (Ralliart Style)

Our black and red Ralliart style dash mat is here! Fits all CJ models! Simply lay on the dash and you’re done. Super simple and super easy product that protects your dash from the harsh sun & helps keep your car a little more cooler during the summer. The rear mat is also great for quietening down the renowned parcel shelf rattle that a lot of CJ Lancers are prone to.


  • Rubber grip dots
  • Red trim with black cotton mat
  • Ralliart logo stitched into the design
  • Protects your cars dash from fade and UV rays
  • Made out of Cotton

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Front Dash Mat, Rear Parcel Shelf Mat, Both Front and Rear Mat


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