NV Clarity Preparation Cleaner

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NV CLARITY is a versatile streak free cleaner that helps remove oils/residue,
whilst also being a great glass cleaner! NV CLARITY is a highly
effective streak free cleaner that is able to remove oils and residue
from any automotive surface. Due to the high evaporation rate
of a regular IPA wipe down, it is suitable in lifting oils to the surface,
but not effective in terms of removing them.

Through the use of NV CLARITY you will be able to rid the surface
of any polishing oils, or any other form of residue and ensure that the
surface is completely clean. This is ideal before coating a car with a
wax, sealant and especially a glass coating.CLARITY can also be used as a
great glass cleaner, giving the product versatility and a number of uses.

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500ml, 1L


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