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Pre-Order Information!

Pre-order Information

Planning for your new bumper!

So you have decided to cop that new bumper you’ve had your eyes on for the past few weeks? Great! We know you are keen to get it on your car, but there are a few things that you must be prepared for when placing your order, we’ll take you through the steps to making this the easiest process possible.

Someone say bumpers?

Once Preorders are closed, the ETA of us here at DPP receiving your order is around 10 weeks. Once received, we will be in contact with you and will be shipping your order out ASAP.
All bumpers are sold and shipped in a RAW PLASTIC finish. This means, the plastic has not been treated with anything since the manufacturing process. Small marks or other imperfections are completely normal and will be removed in the paint prep process.

Can you Paint?

We have so many people ask if we can have their bumper painted before shipping out. Unfortunately due to the much heightened risk of damage in transit, we cannot ship the bumper painted. All bumpers are sent out in their raw plastic finish!

How long does it take?

Once we shut pre-orders (usually run for around 3 weeks) We will send you an email saying that your bumper has been ordered and on its way. The average wait time from this point is around 10 weeks

Can I Collect in Person?

If you wish to come, say hi and collect in person that is absolutely fine! If you have paid a shipping fee at checkout, we can refund that to you and organise a time for you to come and collect. Just send us a message and book in a collection time.

Can I return if I change my mind?

Once the pre-order time has closed, there are strictly no returns. This item is being specifically ordered in just for you and only for you! Prior to us closing the pre-orders, cancellation is not a problem. If you have placed a pre-order that you wish to cancel and our pre-orders are still open, please get in contact with us immediately.

Can you install for me?

If you are in need of having your bumper installed, please reach out to us for a quote. We can fit your new bumper for you, just remember that your bumper does not come painted and would need to be organised prior.

Do you continuously run pre-orders?

At this stage, we are aiming to have around 2 pre-order sales per year. This means, if you have an eye on a particular bumper, we suggest you jump at the opportunity whilst it’s available.

Here at DPP we do things a little differently! We pride ourselves in trying to get you some of the best products available as fast as possible BUT what about some of the more difficult parts?We offer only 1 to 2 times per year the opportunity to join our exclusive pre-order which allows you to grab those much needed parts that is not stocked by us. These include a range of bumpers, side skirts, bonnets and boots! Don’t miss the opportunity to get what you’ve had your eyes on!

Things to know!

  • Pre-orders are open for only 1 week
  • Once pre-orders close, the process until delivery can take up to 8 weeks 
  • Strictly no refunds on change of mind orders after pre-orders are closed
  • Make sure you get in contact with us if you need a quote on shipping 

If you purchase a ‘Drive Parts’ item and change your mind, we unfortunately offer no refunds. All items are described in detail and responsibility is put onto the buyer that they’re aware of what they are purchasing. If you are purchasing a product from another brand (Street Element, Tog, Evo X Designs etc) Please contact us to find the return conditions on that specific product/sIf the product that you ordered is received in a broken state, contact MUST be made with us within 24 hours. A refund of the product’s amount (not including postage) can be offered or a replacement if stock allows.They’re are strictly NO RETURNS/REFUNDS on ordered in/special ordered products. If you receive in a broken/damaged state please refer to the conditions above.

Please allow up to 5 Business days for us to receive your order, process it and ship out. Once sent, it can take anywhere from 2-7 business days to end up on your doorstep.

We are purely and online only business! Order collections are welcome (contact must me made to organise a time) but we do not offer a ‘walk in and browse’ warehouse. We are usually available to get into contact with between the hours of 9am – 7pm weekdays and regularly check online on weekends. 

Some products are ordered in once purchase has been made. These products have been labelled as such. Please allow up to 20 business days to receive these items. If 20 business days do pass and you still have not received your item, please get in touch with us immediately so we can rectify the problem. If you are chasing a particular product that we don’t have advertised, feel free to give us a call or email requesting that particular product. If we can get it, we are happy to put a special order in for you!  


We offer super aggressive pricing and are often the cheapest found in Australia! Because of this we cannot offer a warranty on any ‘Drive Parts’ item/s sold. If you have purchased from a different brand (Street element, Tog etc) Please contact us on to receive the warranty specific to your product.Of course if the product is received in a broken state refer back to the Returns section. We apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.  All products that are purchased, fitted or installed  are at the purchaser’s own risk. Drive Performance Parts will not be held responsible for any/all damages or liabilities that may occur.